Hipstamatic Guide and Combo Compare

Hipstamatic is the brilliant Camera App for smartphones. Once you've fired the shutter the photo is filtered, framed, and saved to your Camera Roll
01 Apr 2011

While you keep the beautifully filtered Hipstamatic "print" of your photo, the original, untreated picture is lost. Editing Hipstamatic images is a problem and re-composition will spoil the effect. Rotating an horizon straight will be tricky later without skewing the frame. Worse: any edits will overwrite Hipstamatic's metadata so other photo apps (like Oggl) won't recognise it was taken with the Hipstamatic in the first place. Horror of horrors!

Getting the right "combo" is an obsession for Hipstamatic purists *. You can't change your mind later when the subject is no longer in front of you. Use this website to discover the perfect Hipstamatic Lens, Film, and Flash by browsing different photo Sets featuring the same subject processed by all of them.

Plan which Combo you're going to use, before you take another photo. Take fewer shots you throw away later. Realise all your Hipstamatic photo opportunities.

* "Hipstamatic Purists" may not be an actual group.

Hipstamatic Combo Compare
Pictures taken by Tim Bushell using the Hipstamatic phone app. © 2015 All rights reserved.